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A priest and nun are on their way back home from a convention when their car breaks down. They are unable to get repairs completed and it appears that they will have to spend the night in a motel.The only motel in this town has only one room available so they have a minor problem.Priest: Sister, I don't think the Lord would have a problem, under the circumstances, if we spent the night together in this one room. I'll sleep on the couch and you take the bed.Sister: I think that would be okay.They prepare for bed and each one takes their agreed place in the room. Ten minutes later...Sister: Father, I'm terribly cold. Priest: Okay, I'll get up and get you a blanket from the closet.Ten minutes later...Sister: Father, I'm still terribly cold. Priest: Okay Sister, I'll get up and get you another blanket.Ten minutes later...Sister: Father, I'm still terribly cold. I don't think the Lord would mind if we acted as man and wife just for this one night. Priest: You're probably right...get up and get your own damn blanket!

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