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One morning Bill Clinton wakes up. He looks out side,it had snowed during the night and everything wascovered in snow. He looks down and sees somethingwritten in urine on the lawn it reads"I hope YoU GeT ImPeAcHeD".Bill calls the FBI and says "Someone has written "Ihope you get impeached" in urine on my lawn. For themto write it in the spot it's in they would have had tobe on my deck. Please help me find this criminal."The FBI agrees and comes back a week later. "Well Mr.Clinton we did DNA , urine and handwriting tests. Doyou want to here the bad news or the awful news first."Bill sighs "bad I guess"."The urine belongs to Al Gore" Bill grabs his chest "Oh!Al, my best friend my partner, my vice president...What'sthe awful news?!"The FBI agents look at each other..."The hand writing was Hillary's"

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